Greeting and Activity Cards Made in the Smoky Mountains: Willee Worm the Bookworm

Here’s something new to help get the kids continuing their reading enrichment over the summer (and school seasons!): Willee Worm The Bookworm by Smoky Mountain publisher Alexander Expressions. Willee Worm is a is found in Greeting/Activity Cards for children, created by Sheila Alexander dedicated to bringing the joy of snail mail and reading to children through a system of greeting cards that the kids will love!

Sheila explains on the Alexander Expressions website:

“I am, and have always been, a greeting card person. Many hours have been spent reading cards in card shops. I equally do enjoy receiving cards as well as sending them to friends and family. However, I especially love sending cards to all my little grands. Times have changed since the days that my two young daughters followed me to the mailbox with anticipation hoping that there would be some mail for them. The excitement on their little faces when they proudly opened their mail was priceless. Thank goodness for junk mail.

With the popularity of text messages, emails and, e-cards our younger generations are missing the joy of actually holding and possibly reading an actual greeting card that can be held, played with, colored on, and saved. So, with that said, Let me tell you about Willee Worm the Bookworm:

Alexander Expressions Willee Worm the Bookworm

For as far back as he can remember, Willee Worm the Bookworm has always loved children. Seeing them instantly warms his heart. Hearing their laughter always brings him tears of joy. Willee Worm the Bookworm loves to read and to learn but he knew that it was sometimes difficult and frustrating for young children. Through the years, he observed many smiles and happy faces on children whenever they were handed a piece of mail from an actual mailbox. He even detected bewilderment on their little faces as they pondered how their mail arrived just for them from a mailbox. He began to wonder if there might be a way to combine greeting cards and learning activities in such a way that both could bring fun, happiness and joy all together in one piece of mail.

Thus, Willee Worm the Bookworm greeting/activities cards (Alexander Expressions) were born. Willee Worm the Bookworm has so much to offer and share with every child who receives a card. He’s fun, silly, smart, compassionate and caring. Children everywhere are falling in love with him and his clever, encouraging and inspiring words. When Willee Worm the Bookworm observes a child opening a card for the very first time, his heart beats so fast with excitement he feels like he might burst into a caterpillar at any moment.”

Alexander Expressions also, well, expresses that Willee The Bookworm cards and products are locally made with American-sourced resources. Nothing overseas. See more on Willee Worm and Alexander Expressions at

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