Rainforest Adventures Discovery Zoo

Located in the heart of the beautiful Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, near both Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, RainForest Adventures Zoo is open year-round with lots of things to see and do!

RainForest Zoo has been themed by one of the nation’s finest zoological contractors, whose work includes the Animal Kingdom at Disney World.

Our Animals
RainForest Adventures zoo is home to hundreds of tropical and temperate animals. Our focus is primarily on the animals you are likely to see on the Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, or other similar nature shows.

The majority of our animals at RainForest Adventures Zoo have been born or hatched in captivity. We have animals on loan from zoos all across the U.S., primarily for the purpose of education. So while visiting Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, take a break and come and meet our family of zoo animals!

* Reptiles: Snakes, Turtles, Tortoises, Crocodilians, Lizards, and more!
* Mammals: Binturong, African Serval, Lemurs, Sugar Gliders, Hedgehogs, and more!
* Birds: Blue & Gold Macaw, Cockatoos, Parrots, Finches, Toucans and more!
* Bugs: Tarantulas, Scorpions, Cockroaches, and more!
* Amphibians: Frogs, Toads, Bullfrogs, Axolotls and more!

Since opening in June of 2001, RainForest Adventures has delighted millions of visitors. The zoo began as the brainchild of businessman William Lucey. Today, true to Bill’s vision and under his guidance RainForest Adventures has thrived and has become an exciting regional destination and one of the finest small zoos in the country with hundreds of animals representing 140 different species. This first-class regional destination attracts numerous visitors each year, including numerous groups of school children, seniors, and other civic and special interest organizations.

RainForest is proud to be affiliated with several trade organizations including the Zoo and Aquarium Buyers Group (ZAG) which Bill Lucey serves on the board of, as well as a public facility with the ZAA.

See more at https://www.rfadventures.com/.

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