Ziplines for Teens In The Smokies

When you’re in your teenage years, you feel like you want to spread your proverbial wings and fly as chemicals in your body are combusting at the speed of light and you just can’t get that adrenaline out fast enough. This is especially true in a place like the Smoky Mountains where the high treelines and insane topography make the sky above even more of a limit to be broken and a playground to play in.

Well, we can’t help you grow wings and hollow out your bones to make aerial dynamics a thing your body can do (not until legislation passes), but we can do the next best thing with our many zipline providers in Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg and Sevierville. In this article, we’ll detail a handful of them out for you as well as their official descriptions as they come from their websites.

Begin takeoff procedures!

* Legacy Mountain Ziplines
800 Legacy Vista Dr
Sevierville, TN 37862
(888) 353-7589

From their website:
“7-Line Zipline Adventure

From the top of Legacy Mountain exists views of the Smoky Mountains for miles. We wanted to create an experience that let our guests take in these spectacular views in a spectacular way. You’ll soar, speed, laugh, and maybe even scream on your way through this top-rated tour.

At Legacy Mountain Ziplines, safety is our top priority. We do detailed inspections routinely on our lines and our equipment is checked daily by our professionally-trained experts. Don’t miss a thing trying to get the perfect shots of your ziplining experience by adding on our photo package.”

* Smoky Mountain Ziplines
509 Mill Creek Rd
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
(865) 429-9004

From their website:
“7 Lines…2 Hours…Too Many Thrills to Count! Book Your Smoky Mountain Ziplines Canopy Tour Today, and Take Your Family Adventure to New Heights in Scenic Pigeon Forge Tarzan did it…now so can you! Flying through the trees at up to 25 miles per hour is an exhilarating experience you will never forget. The fun begins once you arrive at our base camp, located just off the Pigeon Forge Parkway. After safety instruction and gearing up, you are ushered to the first zipline via our unique, off-road-style transportation. Our professionally-trained guides are with you the entire time to deliver an adrenaline rush unlike any other! No Other Pigeon Forge Canopy Tour Can Deliver This Much.

Several things make Smoky Mountain Ziplines the preferred choice for adventure seekers in this area. Experience, location, size, special features, and group accommodations combine to give you more value and fun for your money.”

* Wildwater Pigeon Rafting and Zipline Canopy Tours
3555 Hartford Rd
Hartford, TN 37753
(866) 319-8870

From their website:
“Enjoy the longest, highest, dual zipline course in the TN Smokies! Pigeon River Canopy Tours is the ONLY Zipline Canopy Tour near Gatlinburg that soars over the Big Pigeon River. Follow your friends on dual zips that fly you beside, above and across the Pigeon River and back to your starting point at heights up to 120 feet above the river. Enjoy a soaring and gliding experience naturally fueled by a gradual elevation change in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. All Canopy Tour Rangers are trained to, and all courses are built and inspected to, ACCT Standards to provide for your well-being and fun.

Cliff Hanger Canopy Tour:
The Cliff Hanger Canopy Tour takes you high into the forest to our Cliff Hanger Platform. From there, you’ll thrill to 12 ziplines, venture over 4 sky bridges, and explore a scenic Smoky Mountain Creek cascades. Your last zip is the Highline, our fantastic final zip that is 1300 feet and flies you 120 feet above the river!

River Ziplines Tour:
A terrific introduction to to adventure ziplining. The River Ziplines Tour is a shorter version of the full course. You’ll fly across the Big Pigeon River twice on the awesome 1300 foot long Highline zip, and navigate 3 treetop sky bridges and 5 more zips before returning to the ground!

Our canopy tours will now accommodate kids 8 yrs. old and up with a minimum weight of 60 lbs. (1 adult/kid under 12 yrs. old).”

* Wahoo Ziplines
605 Stockton Dr
Sevierville, TN 37876
(865) 366-1111

From their website:
“Opened in 2008, Wahoo Ziplines was the first in the Smokies. Wahoo has approximately 2 miles of cables threaded through beech and oak forests at various elevations. From above, under or through, these cables attain heights 40 to 250 feet from the ground. Guides divulge fun and wild shenanigans for you to perform on each line as you fly through the Tennessee sky!”

* Wears Valley Zipline Adventures
1911 Wears Valley Rd
Sevierville, TN 37862
(865) 428-1545

From their website:
“43 private “unspoiled” forested acres with “unmatched” views of Mount LeConte and the Smoky Mountain National Park.

There are 3 zipline courses:

5 Line Zipline Course
Over a mile of cable. A total of over 5400 LF of zipline, divided into 5 separate lines. The Line Lengths are 300′ up to 2000′ called the “Rollercoaster”.

6 Line Zipline Course: Adds one more line. And increases the total length to 6200 LF.

8 Line Zipline Course: Adds our 2 fastest lines. And increases the total length to 7600 LF (nearly 1 ½ miles). This is the ultimate course in the area.”

* Climb Works Smoky Mountains
155 Branam Hollow Rd
Gatlinburg, TN 37738
(865) 325-8116

“Come create the stories your family will always talk about! Our top-rated and world-class Mountaintop Zipline tour is nestled right across the street from the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, you can explore one of the most beautiful places on earth in a unique and exciting way. What we don’t offer is cheap thrills. Our tours are guided, educational, immersed-in-nature, 5-star, oh-my-goodness-look-at-that-view, step-out-of-your-comfort-zone type of experiences that the whole family will be talking about for years.

Soar high above the mountain top on our NEW dual-line Mountaintop Zipline Tour – you’ll experience higher vantage points and longer lines than ever before. Take in epic 360˚ panoramic views of the Great Smoky Mountains from each platform and learn about the rich history of the Smokies. Along the tour you will zip side-by-side on six dual zip lines, walk across four aerial bridges, rappel off one of our platforms, and enjoy a fun ATV adventure to the top of the mountain.”

* Adventure Park at Five Oaks
1630 Parkway
Sevierville, TN 37862
(877) 538-0569

“A Zipline Tour for the Whole Family.

Zip above our beautiful, 70-acre nature park with views of the Smoky Mountains on 7 unique ziplines that are up to 2,000-feet long. Within a few minutes of the start of your tour you’ll be away from the noise of the city and into, or above, the forest.

Dual Racing Lines
Challenge your friends and family to a race across the sky! Zipline side by side for bragging rights at high speed. Strike your most aerodynamic pose and leave your challenger behind.

Safety is our top priority so you can focus on the fun. We do detailed inspections routinely on our lines and our equipment is checked daily by our professionally trained experts. Our employees are carefully chosen and trained at the highest level, understanding every aspect of proper zipline safety.”

* Jayell Ranch
1131 Jayell Rd
Sevierville, TN 37862
(865) 776-1593

“The longest ziplines in the Smokies!

We have the best canopy / zipline course available in these parts by far. Our full course includes the most thrilling experience ever. We have 2 miles of zipline / canopy tour, high flying adventure, and 6 lines! They are all built unique and with different breath-taking scenery. Each line has a different surprise waiting for you around the corner. Other ziplines just can’t compare!

Leave your fears and worries behind as you experience the thrill of a lifetime at Jayell Ranch’s Ziplines! Prepare for high-flying fun as you harness up and glide through the air on this thrilling, action-packed zipline adventure. Experience a rush as you soar, mountain to mountain, over the trees, with breathtaking views of our surrounding mountain ranges, including beautiful views of Mount Leconte and North Carolina.

You will be assisted by our well-trained and experienced staff. They will fit each guest with a 5-point harness, helmet and all the appropriate gear. They will go over all of the procedures that you will need to ensure a safe and thrilling zipline adventure.

Our facility and equipment is inspected regularly and meets or exceeds all industry standards. Ages 2 and up are welcome.”

* Foxfire Mountain
3757 Thomas Ln
Sevierville, TN 37876
(865) 774-0727

“Zipline Tours, Hiking Trails, & More

There’s adventure for everyone at Foxfire Mountain Adventure Park! We have a wide variety of attractions for people of all ages. Book your visit online or contact us today!

We have 3 zipline tours:

Waterfall Canopy Zipline Tour
Seven ziplines and two skybridges. Zip through the tree canopy, and fly over the lost mine waterfall and the creek. Start with 3 intro lines, then take a ride to the higher lines.
Age Requirements: 7+ Years
Weight Requirement: 45 – 265lbs

Goliath Zipline Tour
Five of the fastest and longest ziplines in the country. Zip up to 60 mph, over 1/3 mile long and over 500ft high (higher than the statue of Lady Liberty). An adrenaline pumping, exhilarating experience.
Age Requirement: 10+ Years
Weight Requirement: 100 – 250lbs

Ultimate Zipline Tour
The ultimate package. A total experience for the thrill seeker! Up for the challenge?
Complete both the Waterfall Zipline and the Goliath Zipline Tours in one day. That’s twelve lines across the sky. Tour with one of our expert guides. The entire experience may last up to 4 hours.”

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