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Michael McConnell – Wears Valley Realtor

Michael McConnell has been a Wears Valley realtor agent for over 10 years. He enjoys his job and all that goes with it (challenges), as well as the benefits (friendships) he has made over the years. He is always looking for opportunities with new clients, as well as old ones in finding what they are looking for to fit their needs/wants, which engage new/old friendships. Walking in Gods love!

Michael is a team player in the office and his willingness to engage in helping his co-workers & clients when needed allows for smoother transactions. His take on that is “I am very blessed & thankful to the co- workers in his group which return the favors”. It sometimes ends up being a “Group” effort. “Team work makes the Dream work”

He is very hard working, energetic and has a touch of humor at times. He is someone who loves life and enjoys the qualities of others. He has exceeded in his business when finding the right fit for many clients over the years. Michael is ready to proceed in your favor, so give him a call. Michael McConnell is a Realtor is a licensed in the State of TN. At Mountain Realty Group in Sevierville TN 37862. 865-548-8882. Mountain Realty Group is an amazing place to work. We are not just co workers we are family. We want you to love where you live. I can assist you with homes for sale in Sevierville, TN , Gatlinburg TN, Pigeon Forge, TN, Townsend TN, Knoxville, TN. Mountain Realty Group is located 3240 Wears Valley Road in Sevierville, TN.

See Michael’s profile and his fellow members of Mountain Realty Group at https://mountainrealtygrouptn.com.

Upcoming Events in Townsend at GM Heritage Center

See what’s going on at the Great Smoky Mountain Visitor Center in Townsend throughout this month and next:

Now – August 16th
* Reba Rhyne and Robin Greenlee
Book signing, coasters and cutting boards.

August 24 – August 29
* Maxine Falls
Art and jewelry.

August 28, 2020
* Elizabeth Rose and Sam Venable
Tall Tales of Tennessee: An Evening of Storytelling

September 1, 2020
* Jeff Ross
“Informal and informative social coffee-talk on a variety of subjects of interest to those living in the area.”

September 04 – September 06
* Ken Justice
Woodcrafts by Ken Justice

September 07 – September 12
* Bonnie Mueller & Doug Bartlett
Abstract acrylic paintings, gourds, polymer clay jewelry and needle felting, wooden flags.

See these events and more information on the GSM Heritage Center at https://www.gsmheritagecenter.org/.



Guest Post: Driving Through Wears Valley

The following blog post was sent to us by a couple that recently visited Wears Valley for a rainy afternoon and took a drive through part of the new Foothills Parkway addition that connects Wears Valley to Townsend through the new extension. They wanted to tell us about their visit and showcase some pictures and video they took:

“Hello! We recently had the opportunity to take a little afternoon drive through Wears Valley as my husband and I hadn’t been through there in a while and wanted to find the Foothills Parkway entrance [from there].

We unfortunately chose a time of the day when the storm clouds were covering the sky and didn’t know if it was going to burst or not, so the pictures and video we took probably don’t look as great as pictures people take when it’s bright and sunny out, but oh well! My husband and I like storm clouds, anyway.

We couldn’t tour much of Wears Valley, so we decided on only a couple stops along before the Foothills Parkway. We didn’t eat yet and we really like donuts, so the first place we wanted to try to get some energy to start with. I had a glazed donut and a blueberry donut and they certainly woke me up! A nice treat that I plan to get the next time I come back through here. My husband had a chocolate iced and a maple frosted. He seemed to like the chocolate one more than the maple (he’s a chocohollic, so no surprise there) but he shared my sentiment of coming back to repeat the order. After that, we went next door to the Wears Valley Antique Gallery. I’ve been here a few times before, but it had been a few years since the last time and maybe a third of the store had been remodeled or was different than last time. They still had some really neat things that I wished I had room and money for, but couldn’t get. They had some moonshine and other locally made food items that I wanted to send back to family in Hawaii where I originally came from and I was happy to see they had sugar-free variations of those items for my mom and elder relatives (those aren’t too easy to find around here). Great sightseeing, and if I only had one stop I could make for fun in Wears Valley, it would be here.

After that, we were still hungry and ready for a proper lunch meal for the day. We debated between Hillbilly’s Restaurant and Geppetto’s Italian as we wanted to decide between a heavier food or an Italian kind of taste. We decided to go for a heavier food and went to Hillbilly’s. I thought the car on the sign was impressive enough, but I wasn’t expecting to see another one inside the restaurant! It wasn’t busy when we got in, so we got our food pretty quick. My husband had the Hillbilly Deluxe burger and I had the Little Granny’s (which was already 1/3 of a pound of hamburger and more than I could eat in one sitting, personally. If that’s the “Little” Granny, I wonder how big a “Big” Granny would be). The service was excellent and the sodas were crisp, which is a big thing for me and my husband, and after that it was time to take our trip to see the Foothills Parkway.

The video of that and the rest of the story are in the video link below. We did have a camera malfunction and some of our pictures didn’t come out right, but the video turned out well and other pictures that did come out right are attached. Thank you!”

– Ge’ne Kea

We got permission from Ge’ne Kea to post this blog here and on our other networks. Thank you Jeff and Ge’ne!