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New Species Of Bee Discovered In The National Park

As the title indicates, the Smokies are all “a’buzz” with a new bee species that has just been discovered in our park!

From WBIR’s news segment on it:

“It sure doesn’t have a catchy name, but the Epeolus inornatus is a big catch for Dr. Will Kuhn; the Director of Science and Research at Discover Life in America.

“It’s always really fun to find a new record and to take up our numbers of new records and new species for the park,” Kuhn said.” – WBIR

See the full article at https://www.wbir.com/article/news/local/scientists-discover-new-bee-species-in-great-smoky-mountains-national-park/51-fb5e5a6c-9c3a-44fa-8dd2-3b1cc4834d16.